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School Law Lawyer Austin, TexasIn the United States, ALL students of all ages are supposed to have access to a safe and discrimination-free education.

It is the right of ALL school-aged children in the United States to get a free K-12 education that meets the standards established by federal and state laws. Not only is it a right, it is a law that children stay in school until a certain age and until they meet certain requirements. No child should be made to go to a school where they do not feel safe and/or their needs are not being met.

Student Rights

An all too unfortunate reality for many students is that their rights are not upheld by schools.The kinds of injustices students and families suffer while trying to navigate public and private school systems are not only unfair and taxing on the students and families affected by them, in many cases, they are illegal. When this is the case, the entities who are causing the injustice and potentially breaking the law, should be held accountable for their actions and be made to correct their wrongs.

If you are in the frustrating situation of not being able to access the education you or someone you love is entitled to, the reliable and compassionate team at The Law Office of Jason Wright is here to help.

Education Law

Historically, attorneys who practiced school law, often referred to as education law, worked towards ensuring that ALL children have access to high-quality education, as well as towards expanding access to higher education.

In more recent decades, education attorneys have begun to address legal issues for individuals as they pertain to:

  • Student rights
  • Teacher rights
  • School safety
  • Discrimination
  • Discipline
  • Special Education
  • Students with different abilities (traditionally referred to as disabilities)
  • Curriculum
  • Options for alternative forms of education.

If your child or yourself is not getting the education that they are entitled to, The Law Office of Jason Wright may be able to start protecting your and your family’s rights to the kind of quality education they are entitled to and deserve.

K-12 Education Law

Being a parent is tough enough but when your child is denied access to a high-quality education in a safe learning environment, it can be positively heartbreaking. If you have reached out to your child’s teacher, their school and/or their school district with concerns about your child- whether it is for their safety, because they are not being taught in a way that they understand the curriculum or their school site is not fully accessible and a safe place for them to be – and the school and its district have failed to remedy the situation – the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright would like to try to protect your child’s rights.

Special Education and IEPs

Teachers and administrators are legally bound to uphold accommodations that are in a student’s individualized education plan (IEP). It is their responsibility to make the accommodations that are in a student’s IEP throughout the child’s entire day on campus. If you feel that your child’s teacher and/or their school is not meeting their academic, physical, and/or social-emotional needs, it is your right as a parent to have your child tested in order to make sure your child’s essential needs are being met.


Most school districts refer to students with different physical, cognitive and/or social-emotional differences, under the label of disabilities. While many parents find it hard to have their child labeled as having a disability, it can be a great comfort when they realize that because of this, their child is highly protected by the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This act guarantees that students with disabilities have access to education and protects these rights.

Bullying and Harassment

If your child has complained to their teacher about being bullied and the teacher and administrators have not made this stop and/or you made the complaints on your child’s behalf and your child has suffered because of this, it may be necessary to speak to an attorney in order to see what remedies are available.

If you have experienced any these or any other problems, the Law Office of Jason Wright is here to help you.

Please give the friendly and responsive staff at the Law Office of Jason W. Wright a call so that we can discuss your situation and hopefully start protecting you and your family’s rights to the education that they are entitled to.

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