How Much Does It Cost to Get A Divorce in Texas?

Most prospective spouses do not anticipate a divorce; therefore, they do not consider how much it costs to end a marriage. The cost to get a divorce in Texas depends on factors such as court fees, attorney fees, and the time and methods to resolve contested issues. The divorce process begins when you file a petition for divorce with the appropriate court. As the petitioner, you must pay a filing fee, which may differ from county to county. Your spouse, who is the respondent, must receive notice of the divorce filing. You also pay to issue and serve the other spouse with a copy of the filed petition.

The cost of the divorce increases the more parties fight about issues. The more parties agree the faster cases can be resolved and the less expensive they will be. It is best to hire an experienced attorney because divorce cases can last for an extended period, especially in contested divorces. An attorney fee arrangement is an agreement between you and the attorney that states how to bill the divorce case – flat fee or hourly.

Additional costs that may arise in a divorce case are mediation and arbitration. The longer the suit is in effect, the more cost incurred by the spouse. Mediation is a process in which a mediator helps to resolves the divorce issues between the spouses. The mediator may offer resolutions, but the parties do not have to accept them. In binding arbitrations, the spouses agree that the arbiter’s decision is final and must comply. Mediators and arbitrators charge a fee for their services.

The cost of a divorce in Texas is not a set amount. Even the court fees may differ from case to case. However, knowing the potential costs can help plan for the divorce process.

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