Divorce and Your Dollars

When it comes to divorce, the tradeoff is everywhere — kids, cars, houses, 401Ks, etc. Making decisions about who gets what and how that is handled are significant trade offs in peoples’ lives. Among couples, one spouse often manages the finances and is in-tune with the financial situation — they know all the accounts and

4 Common Questions and Answers About Bankruptcy

Family Lawyer When you’re faced with financial hardship, you may consider filing for bankruptcy. While it’s not for everyone, and there are some negative connotations associated with it, it may be your best option at this point. Understandably, you probably have a lot of questions. The following are four common questions and answers about bankruptcy.

When a Loved One Is too Old to Drive Safely

Though there are a variety of public transportation options in the United States, driving is still an appropriate choice for many. Being able to transport oneself throughout the city efficiently has an extraordinary impact on the quality of life for an individual. As an individual gets older, his/her cognitive and physical abilities start to decline,

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