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Adoption Lawyer Williamson County, TXIf you are thinking about adopting a child in Texas, you may be unsure of just what will be involved with this process. Typically, the type of adoption you are planning will determine the process. For example, the process for adopting a relative, such as a stepchild, is often quicker and less complex than the process for adopting a child through an adoption agency. No matter what type of adoption you are considering, an adoption lawyer Williamson County, TX families recommend can help.

What Are the Types of Adoption?

The following are the different types of adoption a person or couple may be considering:

Relative Adoptions: There are a number of situations where a person or couple wish to adopt a child that they are related to. Stepparent adoption is one example, where a spouse wishes to adopt his or her spouse’s child. Since a child can legally only have no more than two parents, the child’s other biological parent would have to either be deceased or voluntarily give up their parental rights. If the parent is not willing to give up their rights, then the court can step in and terminate those rights if it can be proven the parent is unfit. Other relative adoptions include adopting nieces, nephews, cousins, etc., often because the child’s parent or parent has died, is incapacitated, or has been legally deemed unfit.

Agency Adoptions: Many adoptions are done through private or public adoption agencies. Public adoption agencies are usually where children who are wards of the state are taken care. Private adoption agencies are often run by social service or charitable organizations. Children available for adoption from private agencies are usually placed there by parents who feel they could not provide the child with a good life.

Private Adoptions: With private adoptions, the adoptive parents work directly with the biological parent. The parties still must work within the legal system and it is highly recommended that all parties have their own family lawyer Williamson County, TX clients trust representing their interests and make sure they are protected. Examples of this type of adoption include when a couple works with a surrogate mother. Although the father can be named on the baby’s birth certificate, his wife must adopt the child in order to be legally considered the baby’s parent. Another example is a woman who is pregnant and, with the help of an attorney, decides to give the child up for adoption but wants control over who will adopt the baby. Keep in mind that up until the biological mother signs the legal adoption documents, she can change her mind about giving the child up.

Foster Care Adoptions: Some people who take in and care for foster children end up forming such a bond with the child that they legally adopt them. According to the organization AdoptUsKids, as of January 2019, there were almost 30,000 children in foster care and just over 3,000 children available for adoption in Texas.

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