Annulment Lawyer Round Rock, TX

Annulment Lawyer Round Rock, TX 

Not all couples who wish to end their marriage in Texas choose to go through the divorce process. Instead, they decide to obtain an annulment. The legal process for obtaining a legal annulment through the court requires the couple to show that the marriage is not a valid one. The process can be a complex one, so if you are considering going this legal route to end your marriage, contact an annulment lawyer Round Rock, TX clients recommend from The Law Office of Jason Wright to find out what the legal process will be.

Texas Annulments

Texas law issues values for two different types of marriages, those marriages that are considered void and those marriages that are voidable. A void marriage is one that was never legal. This is often on the grounds of bigamy or incest. The majority of bigamy-related annulments are due to the party not waiting the required 30-waiting period after their divorce is finalized before remarrying. In these situations, the new spouse can legally obtain an annulment to void the marriage. Keep in mind, however, that this can only be done up to the one-year anniversary of the marriage.

Voidable marriages are not against the law like void marriages are, however, they can still be annulled if they meet one of the following elements. A divorce lawyer Round Rock, TX families turn to can evaluate your case and determine if your situation warrants an annulment:

Parties who wish to obtain a voidable annulment only have a certain amount of time in order to file their request with the court, otherwise, the marriage becomes a legal one. For example, the marriage of a minor who did not have parental permission can only be annulled up until that minor reaches the age of consent. Once they turn 18, the marriage becomes legal and no longer qualifies for a voidable annulment on those grounds.

Another way a couple can obtain an annulment is if they decide to end their marriage within 72 hours of obtaining a marriage license. This process must be completed within a month of the marriage.

There is also one more critical criterium for any voidable marriage and that is that the party who is filing for the annulment must have stopped living with the other spouse immediately after learning of the issue.

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