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Family Dispute Mediation Lawyer Round Rock, TXThe divorce process can be notoriously contentious. Divorce can be an emotionally driven process and can become overwhelming. Extensive litigation can cause even more tension during divorce because of the inherently adversarial nature of a court case. In some cases, divorcing spouses may be able to settle their cases out of court during mediation. If you live in Texas and think that mediation instead of litigation may be the choice for you, contact The Law Office of Jason Wright to speak with a family dispute mediation lawyer Round Rock, TX clients recommend.

 Exploring the Mediation Process

Mediation is essentially an out-of-court negotiation process. The mediator, a neutral third party, usually has a great deal of experience handling family law issues. Depending on the issues of a case, the mediator may be a Family lawyer Round Rock, TX, a licensed psychologist, or other professionals who understand the impact and complexities of divorce. During mediation, the mediator will guide the parties through matters that are still at issue. For example, if you and your spouse have not yet settled issues related to marital property, you can work through that issue with the mediator.

One of the biggest benefits of mediation is that it allows parties the flexibility to decide issues for themselves. If divorcing spouses cannot settle issues through private agreements or mediation, a judge will resolve the disputes. Often, parties prefer to handle their issues, as they understand what is best for themselves and their children, if any. In some jurisdictions, parents who cannot agree about child custody and visitation must attempt mediation. This includes parents who are undergoing a divorce. Mediation provides divorcing parties with an opportunity to resolve their problems without a judge’s extensive involvement.

Another advantage of pursuing mediation is the opportunity to save time and money. Texas has a busy family court system, which means that court dates can be weeks or even months apart. If your case is only handled in court, you may be left waiting a long time for a judge’s orders. Lengthy litigation can lead to high legal fees and costs. It may be financially prudent to explore mediation, and whether your contested issues can be resolved out of court.

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Mediation may not be appropriate for every divorce. For mediation to be an effective problem-solving tool, both parties must be willing to cooperate and reach mutual goals. Trying to mediate issues without the intent of actually working with the other party will be fruitless. Likewise, it can be important that both parties are on relatively equal footing when mediation begins. That is, it is important that one party does not try to control the other party or the entire process. Couples with a history of domestic violence may not benefit from mediation for this reason.

 Choosing whether or not to pursue mediation can be a difficult decision, one of many throughout your divorce. An experienced Round Rock TX family dispute mediation lawyer from The Law Office of Jason Wright can help you make the best choice for you. Call our office today.

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