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It is not uncommon for a married couple in Texas and elsewhere to come to a time in their marriage where they question whether or not they still want to be legally married to their spouse and divorce becomes a real option. National statistics show that many of those couples move forward to obtain a divorce. But there are also many couples who decide they just cannot live together but are unsure whether or not they want to walk away from each other forever. In these situations, a legal separation may be the answer. The following explains what a legal separation can and cannot do. For more detailed information regarding your situation, a legal separation lawyer Round Rock, TX clients recommend from the Law Office of Jason Wright can help.

What a Legal Separation Does

A legal separation basically allows a couple to live physically and financially separate from each other, but they are still legally married. A legal separation allows the couple time to process whether or not the issues they are dealing with are too much to resolve or whether these issues are something they can work through and heal the marriage. Couples who are dealing with substance abuse issues, infidelity, or other serious issues may find this option offers the legal protection they need while they decide what they want to do.

A legal separation is similar to a divorce in the way the couple works out financial issues, property division, parenting time, and spousal maintenance. Often, if a couple eventually decides to file for divorce, they may be able to agree to use the same terms for their divorce agreement that they used in the separation agreement. This can help the divorce process move through the legal system much quicker than if they were starting from scratch. And because the couple is still legally married, they can continue to reap the benefits of that if they choose, such as filing a joint tax return.

A divorce lawyer Round Rock, TX families trust knows that there are also couples who would like to end their marriage but cannot do so because of religious reasons. Legal separations allow them to emotionally, physically, and financially end their marriage, if not legally. This allows them to still have all the benefits of divorce, yet still abide by their religious tenets and beliefs. They are able to live their life as if they are no longer married and are financially protected through the legal separation agreement they have with their spouse and that the court approves. The only thing they are not able to do that a divorced person can do is legally marry someone else since their marriage is still considered valid under the law.

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If you are having serious marital difficulties but are unsure if you want to end your marriage, then a legal separation may be the answer for you at this time. Contact The Law Office of Jason Wright to schedule a confidential consultation with a Round Rock, TX legal separation lawyer to discuss what your legal options may be.


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