School Lawyer Round Rock, TX

School Lawyer - Round Rock, TX

What a School Lawyer Can Do

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child receives the best education possible and feels comfortable in his or her school. If you feel like your child is being mistreated, you may want to consult a school lawyer Round Rock, TX residents trust. Here are a few things this lawyer can do:

Possess Knowledge of Your State’s Education Laws

All states have their own set of education laws. A skilled school lawyer will have extensive knowledge of the specific laws in your state and know how the laws will apply to your unique circumstances.

Obtain the Help Your Child Requires

Some children require more assistance in school than others. For example, if your child is disabled, he or she is entitled to a Free Appropriate Public Education Law (FAPE) under federal law. That means your child should receive an educational program that is individualized for his or her unique needs. A lawyer may help your child receive a special education teacher and other accommodations he or she needs to be successful.

Protect Your Child’s Rights

Believe it or not, students’ rights can sometimes get violated in school. If a school applies policies incorrectly, your child’s right could get violated. For example, if the school attempts to give your child a drug test without probable cause, you may want to get a school lawyer in Round Rock, TX involved. He or she can investigate the issue and determine if your child’s constitutional rights were violated.

Revoke Disciplinary Action

If you believe your child has unfairly received disciplinary action, such as suspension or expulsion, a school lawyer may be able to help. He or she will investigate why your child was disciplined and determine if it was justified or not. If it wasn’t, your lawyer may take the case to court.

Offer Objectivity

If you think your child is being treated unfairly by the school board and his or her future is at stake, you may feel angry, sad and even scared. All of these emotions can cloud your judgment and make you say or do the wrong things. That is why it is important to have an experienced school lawyer in Round Rock, TX on your side. Since your lawyer has no relationship with your child, he or she will offer objectivity. He or she can negotiate in court without getting emotional. Call the Law Office of Jason W. Wright today.

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