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School is meant for every child, but not every child is welcomed or respected equally at school. Even when Texas school administrators have no explicit biases or apparent ill will, they may be failing some students by refusing to make reasonable accommodations or implement an individualized education plan. In some cases, students are unfairly singled out for discipline issues and essentially pulled out of the classroom or kicked out of school entirely.

Education law is practiced for the benefit of these kids and the hardworking teachers who are trying to help them (and all students) reach their full potential. If you are the parent of a student or a teacher struggling against an intractable school district or administration, an experienced school lawyers Round Rock, TX turns to from The Law Office of Jason Wright, PLLC can provide the help you need to resolve your dispute or otherwise accomplish the goals you have for your child or students.

Special Education Advocacy

There is little debate about the fact that special education programs cost schools a lot of money. They require extra staff, extra classrooms, extra learning materials and often serve just a small portion of students. This means that school and district administrators are often trying to curtail costs on an already constrained budget by limiting special education services.

But the bottom line is simple: Every child has the right to an education, and public schools are responsible for providing it, regardless of the resources required. If your child needs to be on an individualized education plan (IEP) or requires some other accommodation that the school is refusing to grant, it is time to get a Round Rock, TX school lawyer fighting for your child’s best interests.

Disciplinary Issues and Student Rights

Students who have behavioral challenges or are not as socially compliant as other students tend to be singled out early on and treated as a problem throughout their educational career. Sometimes, teachers and administrators overreact to seemingly minor missteps by issuing lengthy suspensions and even expulsion. Race also tends to be a factor in disciplinary issues, though not always.

If your child has been unfairly targeted with harsh discipline or even removed from school altogether, it’s important to know that you have legal options. Our firm’s Round Rock, TX school lawyer team is ready to advocate for you and your child.

Protecting Teachers and Other Personnel

Teachers have a very difficult job even under the best circumstances. They need to keep students engaged and learning while navigating low pay, overreaching school/district policies and highly critical parents. A “misstep” as small as teaching something that others might find controversial is enough to throw their job and career into jeopardy.

If you are a teacher struggling with administration over pay, benefits, working conditions or similar issues, it may be time to reach out to a Round Rock, TX school lawyer. You should also seek legal help if your rights have been violated and your job threatened or terminated due to perfectly legal measures that some found objectionable or offensive.

How Can Our Firm Help You Teach and Learn?

To discuss how our experienced Round Rock, TX school lawyer team can help you resolve your education law issue, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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