Thank you for contacting The Law Office of Jason Wright.

We will contact you shortly to schedule your appointment. Rather than providing a “free consultation” like some firms, where you meet with a non-attorney intake person or paralegal, we believe meeting with an attorney from the start will provide you with a much better understanding of your case.

We offer two options in evaluating your case.

Option 1: 30-minute General Legal Consult for a reduced fee of $250
In this General Consult, you’ll meet with an attorney who will explain basic legal concepts and statutory presumptions from the Texas Family Code. This consultation is meant to give basic information on parental rights, custody, and child support. With such limited time, it’s unlikely and difficult to discuss your specific case facts and issues related to the law.

Option 2: Full Legal Case Review Session for $500
In order to fully discuss and evaluate your specific facts and issues, you should schedule a Full Case Review with an attorney. During your Case Review Session, you will speak directly to an attorney, who will assess the specific facts of your case and advise you appropriately. They will take as long as necessary to evaluate your case. At the end of the Full Case Review Session, you will have a much better idea of how the law applies to your specific facts and the attorney’s initial interpretation and plan for your case.

We have many years of experience speaking with prospective clients, and our experience tell us that this approach helps provide you with a clearer understanding of the legal process and gives you an opportunity to fully discuss your case, by having all your questions answered.

Retainers for Family Law cases start at $8,500. However, if you schedule a Full Case Review Session, the initial retainer is discounted to $8,000.

Retainers for School Law cases vary on a case by case basis and depend upon a number of factors and the complexity. You will be quoted a retainer amount for School Law during your initial consultation.

We look forward to working with you.

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