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The Longhorn Council Honors Attorney Jason Wright For His Outstanding Service

Lawyers possess a unique knowledge and skill set that enables them to provide valuable services to their communities outside of their law practice. For some lawyers, this is not just an opportunity to serve but an obligation. The Longhorn Council of the Boy Scouts of America recognized the exceptional service provided by local Austin family lawyer Jason Wright by presenting him with the distinguished Silver Beaver Award.
The Silver Beaver is a national award presented each year to community members who possess exceptional character and provide outstanding service to youth at the local council level. While a recipient’s service on the council level is considered, so too is their overall level of service to the Boy Scout Community and their community as a whole. The Silver Beaver Award is the highest honor a Boy Scout Council can bestow upon a volunteer and is given to those who implement the Scouting program and perform community service through hard work, self-sacrifice, dedication and many years of service.
Jason’s involvement in Scouting goes back well before he was an attorney. First as an Eagle Scout and then a Vigil Honor recipient, Jason’s commitment to his community and the Scouting program has been a part of his life since he was young. Jason appreciates the sense of community that Scouting provides and that it encourages service, honor, respect and self-discipline. Jason has found each of these traits is not only helpful in daily life but also as an attorney. Whether diligently preparing a client’s case, tactfully negotiating with opposing counsel or zealously advocating on behalf of his client in the courtroom, Jason attributes much of his success as a lawyer to the Scouting program.
While receiving the Silver Beaver award is a true display of Jason’s dedication to his community, it is also just the most recent example of Jason’s level of commitment to others. Jason regularly donates his time and legal knowledge to the Volunteer Legal Services of Travis County, where he oversees a pro-bono divorce clinic for low-income families for over three years. Because of his efforts, in 2016 and 2017, Jason was a Judge Susan Covington Pro-Bono Award Honoree and is also a member of Pro Bono College of the State Bar of Texas. Jason is also a Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation, an honor bestowed on only the top third of 1 percent of Texas attorneys each year. Nominations to be a named a Fellow are based on outstanding contributions to the legal profession and a commitment to the community.
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